Gratitude Journal

So a few weeks ago, I got an email from another blog I follow with a printable for a gratitude journal. She had a title page, a page with a quote on it, and then weekly pages that had blanks for the date and three blank spaces to write down the things she was thankful for. The more I thought about it, the more I decided it was a really good idea. So I printed out hers, and since I have finished those pages, I started my own gratitude journal in a notebook I bought on Monday. Keeping a gratitude journal has really changed how I go about the rest of my day and how I view a lot of the things I usually take for granted, like food and a house. Because this journal has helped me be grateful for the everyday things in my life, I decided to write something about how to create your own!

How to Create a Gratitude Journal:

  1. Grab any notebook you can find. You can purchase one from the dollar store, Wal-mart, Target, anywhere. You can get a plain one and decorate it with stickers to fit your style, or you can get an already designed one. What kind of notebook you get is your choice. Just make sure you’ll want to use it and not forget about it. Here’s a picture of mine:

  1. You can either write “Gratitude Journal” on the front of the notebook, or inside the front cover or the front page if there’s already a pretty design on the front.

  1. Write “Week One”, or the dates of the week ahead, on the top of the next page (ex. July 31st-August 5th). Or you could write both, like I did.

  1. A couple of blank spaces down, write the date and “Today I am grateful for…” and draw three blank spaces under it. You can number the blanks if you would like to.

  1. Write down the three things you are most grateful for in those blanks, and continue for the rest of the week.

  1. Continue on the next pages.

  1. You’re finished! I hope you enjoy your new gratitude journal, and I hope that it allows you to pay attention to and be grateful for the little, and big, things in life.

Have a lovely day!



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