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What To Do When School Has Taken Over Your Life

Hey, guys. I'm back today with some, hopefully, helpful advice on what to do if school has just become too much. I know the feeling, and I know it can weigh heavily on you mentally and physically if you're up doing homework until the crack of dawn, or you have so many extracurricular activities that you think your head might explode, or you're taking 18 hours and don't know what sleep is anymore. I am here to help.

What To Do When School Has Taken Over Your Life
1) Step back
Take a second, step back, and look at what all you have going on. You've got class, you've got after school activities, you've got homework, work, a social life, and sleep. All of these things are good and important, but you might have to sacrifice something in order to keep you from becoming a zombie. If you have after school activities, make a list of them in order of what you like the most, to what you like the least. Look at the one or two at the bottom of the list and think about whet…

Toxic People: How to Spot Them and Get Out Of That Situation Right Freaking Now

HELLO everyone. It has been exactly a month since my last post because, shocker, college is taking over my life. Actually, no. College HAS taken over my life. But I have a lot of thoughts and posts I want to write about things I've been experiencing since college started and that I feel are important for other college students/people in general to hear. So I'm going to cross something off that list right now. Today, we're talking about being around toxic people and how to get yourself out of that mess right now because it's really, REALLY bad. 

So. Let's talk toxic people. 

They are mean. They are manipulative. They absolutely suck the life and self confidence out of you. It's very, very difficult to get out of that situation. And it can hurt you, more than you would think. Hanging out with a group of people who are dragging you down is detrimental to your self confidence and ability to see the good things within yourself. I have been there. It. Sucks.

Most of the…