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A Message From Me: Finals Week

Hello, my friends. Guess what week it is? That's right. If you're in high school/college, you're fully aware that we are smack dab in the middle of finals week, and life is getting a little hard. Flipping through notes and that textbook you haven't used until this week. Camping out in the library desperately trying to memorize that one definition or formula you just know you're going to forget. Consuming cup after cup of coffee hoping it'll give you enough energy to get you through the day, or at least your first class. I've been there. In fact, as I type, I'm sipping on my third cup of coffee and running on absolutely zero hours of sleep. So yeah. I gotcha. 

I know that you've probably been constantly refreshing your grades page online, freaking out about the possibility of failure. But I'm here today with some positive thoughts and reminders to get you through the rest of this week. Here we go.

Take a break in between study sessions. Please. It&…


Hello, friends. It's Monday again, and I know that most of you out there dread this day more than most things. But when you think about it, there are a lot of positive aspects of the first day of the week.

It's the first day of the week, a fresh start, an excuse to leave last week behind and start new.  It is literally the first day of the rest of your life, and that's exciting. So why lay in bed all sad and mopey when you can get out into the world and start making your dreams come true, even on a Monday?

If you're one of those people who dread Mondays (so basically all people), here's a few tips for making the most out of the most difficult day of the week.
1. Start with something you enjoy
Whether it's coffee, meditation, yoga, listening to music, or just sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air, starting off the day with something you enjoy doing can really set a good tone for the day. Eat a nice full breakfast, too. Why? Because breakfast food rocks. Duh.
2. …

How to Attract Positive Energy

The world is filled with negative energy and negative people all around us. They exist at work, at school, and especially on social media. Sometimes, it feels impossible to escape that hole of negativity because it is so prevalent in today's world. However, you can make the choice to push away that negative energy and live in your own little bubble of positive energy.

And here's how.

How to Attract Positive Energy

1. Try Meditation
This is one of my favorite ways to keep my positive energy. Meditation at the beginning and the end of every day has been so helpful for anxiety and just negative energy I feel during the day. When that negative energy comes along and tries to burst my bubble, I channel that same energy I had during my meditation time. Here's some meditation tools I recommend:
meditation apps (Smiling Mind and Stop Breathe and Think are my favorites)a quiet or private place that's comfortable for youheadphones (noise cancelling ones are great if you live with som…

High Functioning Anxiety and Depression

Hello, friends! After a long and difficult month, I am back and ready to put my thoughts out into the world. Today we're focusing on a topic that is not talked about enough and something that I've had to deal with for the past few months. 

You all know what depression and anxiety are. I've done posts on them and talked about them on my social media for as long as this blog has been in existence. However, there is a side to these disorders that is overlooked and not talk about nearly as much as it should be. 

Depression and anxiety do not look them same for everyone. It manifests differently in everyone, and for me, it's high functioning. This is a term I was not aware of until very recently, and it made everything that I was experiencing make so much more sense.

So, what does high functioning mean?

High functioning anxiety/depression means that someone goes about their day to day lives appearing perfectly okay and healthy, but below the surface, they are experiencing depre…