How to Attract Positive Energy

The world is filled with negative energy and negative people all around us. They exist at work, at school, and especially on social media. Sometimes, it feels impossible to escape that hole of negativity because it is so prevalent in today's world. However, you can make the choice to push away that negative energy and live in your own little bubble of positive energy.

And here's how.

How to Attract Positive Energy

1. Try Meditation

This is one of my favorite ways to keep my positive energy. Meditation at the beginning and the end of every day has been so helpful for anxiety and just negative energy I feel during the day. When that negative energy comes along and tries to burst my bubble, I channel that same energy I had during my meditation time. Here's some meditation tools I recommend:

  • meditation apps (Smiling Mind and Stop Breathe and Think are my favorites)
  • a quiet or private place that's comfortable for you
  • headphones (noise cancelling ones are great if you live with someone else)
  • comfortable clothes
  • a notebook to write your meditations down (I do this every morning and night, and it helps me remember the meditations well)
2. Go Outside

In high school, I couldn't figure out why I was almost always exhausted or in a bad mood. When I got to college, I started to go outside a lot more often and for longer periods of time, because that's how I get to my classes. After the first few weeks, I started to notice a change in how tired I was and my mood during the day. I did a little bit of research and figured out that this was linked to the increased time I was spending outside. Being outside increases your Vitamin D level, which is connected to the prevention of colds, flu, and certain diseases. Being around the green trees and grass can boost your creativity levels, mood, and if you're someone who experiences seasonal depression (SAD), just a few minutes outside in the morning, even in the winter, can increase your mood significantly. Try to take a walk or do your meditation outside every morning and see if you notice a difference in your mood and self esteem.

3. Listen to Positive Music

I have a playlist of some of my favorite positive songs I listen to each morning as I get ready, and it really helps put me in a good mood for the day. Search "positive music" online, or just make a playlist of your favorite songs on Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever music platform you use. Listen to this playlist as you're getting ready in the morning and on your way to work or school and see how it improves your mood.

4. Healthy Living

Try as best you can to get 8 hours of sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat three full meals a day. You'd be amazed at how these three things can improve your life and allow positive energy to flow throughout you. Set alarms on your phone every couple of hours to remind yourself to drink water. Eat a full and healthy breakfast every morning. If you don't need 8 hours of sleep, or you need more than that, try and adjust your schedule so that you get however much sleep you need. If you can't, be sure to put away all electronics before sleeping and don't eat 3 hours before sleeping. You'll get a much better night of sleep that way.

5. Just Let Go

Letting go of past mistakes or experiences can be difficult, especially if they were painful or you feel guilty every time you think about them. Take time each morning to tell yourself that today is a new day, everything is in the past and there's no changing it, and that you are a beautiful, wonderful human who deserves all good things. Write it down. Say it out loud to yourself. Put it on a sticky note and stick it to your mirror. Make it the focus of your meditation time. The longer you do this, the more you'll truly start to believe it. I promise.

Love, Hannah


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