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5 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

So I'm currently on the East coast and if there's one thing I've seen more than anything else, it's rain. I was completely unaware of how much it rained here before I flew out here for the summer, and the first few days were...rough. If I can't go outside, my mood begins to drop rather quickly and sometimes it can last for days. I need sunshine to thrive. I'm literally a plant.

For the first week or so, it rained pretty much non-stop. I had to get creative, and fast. So I experimented with stuff I could do inside our itty bitty trailer without driving my other family members nuts. This is what I came up with. Here are five things you can do on a rainy day or a day where you just can't go outside.

1. Read a book (or an audiobook if you're that type of person)

The people who know me personally probably saw this coming. I love to read. I love it. I'm currently in the middle of so many books that I actually cannot remember them all. I'm a bookworm fo…

How To Kick That Bad Mood in the Butt

Hello! Hannah here. I'm almost halfway through my summer break (WHAT) and finding the motivation to write has been really hard. I've been busy with summer activities as well as a summer class and a math tutorial thing (which I passed, by the way). But, I came up with a whole list of posts to write this week and I'm quite excited about them. Today's, in particular, is going to be fun because it's something that I came up with myself: a method for kicking a bad mood.

Between bad sleep and general anxiety, I often find myself in a bad mood. A lot of times, that bad mood doesn't have a specific reason and therefore is difficult to fix. I've lost a lot of work time and reading time to my bad moods, and I wanted to find a way to kick that in the butt ASAP. So I experimented. I tried different ways of kicking my bad mood. Some didn't work at all, and some only worked for a little bit. Frustrated, I combined a bunch of these things and BOOM. My bad mood was kic…