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Let People Like Things: A Rant

Hello, everyone. Today I have yet another rant for you. This one's important, so listen up.
There is a lot going on in today's world. A lot. It's stressful. It's exhausting. It's sad. We are surrounded by the internet and social media and television. The news delivers devastating stories daily. I see horrible things I wish I could un-see. Hear things that repeat in my head over and over. Things that haunt me and make me wonder what happened to the world. On top of this, there's school, and work, and probably countless other things. It's nearly impossible to get rid of and over time, it can take a toll on someone. People need a way to escape. To relax. To leave this world for a while.
So if someone wants to do something that makes life easier for them, for the love of all that is good in the world,
Just. Don't. Say. Anything.
It sounds ridiculous, right? To judge someone for doing something that's meant to make them happy and not anyone else?
That's becau…

I Am Not Sorry: A Rant

Hey, friends. It's been a while. This thing called college is kind of taking over my life. Anyway, I've got a lot to say today. So brace yourselves.

For a pretty long while now, tensions have been high in the USA. There have been protests and fights. Scary things in the news. Things I saw and immediately broke down into tears at the sight of. All of this is insane, stressful, and sometimes, terrifying. In the midst of all of this (the past few years, really), after years and years of piggybacking off of the opinions of other people, I have developed some opinions of my own. And guess what?

Some of them aren't popular.  Some of them don't make sense to other people. You will not agree with some of them. And I'm not sorry for that.
I have my opinions. I have my views that are based on what I believe in and my past experiences. I have spent years watching and learning and observing. And now, at nineteen years old, I'm ready to fight for what I believe in.
And I'm not…

The Winter Blues

Okay, so it's officially winter now, and people across the nation are huddled in their houses with the fireplace roaring and every part of their body covered in clothing. Even here in Texas, it's getting pretty cold (I'm currently wearing a t-shirt, striped skirt, and PJ pants under my skirt). It's quite difficult to get outside and breathe in that fresh sunshine this time of year, and sometimes, when people get stuck inside too long, they tend to become bored and even sad and fatigued. If the winter weather is driving you crazy, here are a few tips to keep yourself happy and healthy, even when you can't go outside.

Make your space brighter
Whether it's investing in an artificial light (light box), opening up your blinds, or putting some plants on your desk, making your bedroom or work space a little bit brighter is important for kicking that foul winter mood. Sitting next to open blinds while you work or a light box for 30 minutes a day will significantly improv…

Happy New Year: A Note From Me

Yippee! It's finally 2017! If you're anything like me, 2016 was a pretty rough year and you're ready to start fresh with a brand new year. I have so many exciting things going on this year and I've planned some great posts for the blog in 2017. But first, I want to start off the year with a little message.

First off, I know there's a lot of pressure in the month of January to write a little thing called "New Year's Resolutions." I personally have a few. But, just because this is the time of year where most people make big changes in their lives, that does not mean you have to. Don't feel pressure to totally reinvent yourself or make some huge change, like going vegetarian or getting a gym membership. You can make those changes when YOU feel like it, not when everyone else is doing it. If you are satisfied with where you are in life right now, or you just don't think this is the proper time for a big change, that's okay. Don't let anyone…