The Winter Blues

Okay, so it's officially winter now, and people across the nation are huddled in their houses with the fireplace roaring and every part of their body covered in clothing. Even here in Texas, it's getting pretty cold (I'm currently wearing a t-shirt, striped skirt, and PJ pants under my skirt). It's quite difficult to get outside and breathe in that fresh sunshine this time of year, and sometimes, when people get stuck inside too long, they tend to become bored and even sad and fatigued. If the winter weather is driving you crazy, here are a few tips to keep yourself happy and healthy, even when you can't go outside.

Make your space brighter

Whether it's investing in an artificial light (light box), opening up your blinds, or putting some plants on your desk, making your bedroom or work space a little bit brighter is important for kicking that foul winter mood. Sitting next to open blinds while you work or a light box for 30 minutes a day will significantly improve your mood.


Exercise in general is important for maintaining a good mood, but exercise during the winter is even more important, since your mood can be significantly lower if you stay inside for several days at a time. Try looking up a yoga routine or cardio video online to boost your mood and keep you active while it's cold outside.

Don't go for sugary foods or caffeine

You'll probably be craving some sort of sweet at some point while you're stuck inside all day, but these can lead to a sudden spike or crash in mood. Instead, go for something more complex like spinach, yams or skim milk, or something whole grain. (Whole grain bread and jelly toast, maybe?) Also, avoid drinking a ton of coffee or caffeinated tea. These can also lead to a spike or crash in your mood and leave you feeling even more fatigued.

Hang out with friends

The cold temperatures will make you want to stay inside and sleep all day. Don't. Invite a friend over, or go see a movie or head to the mall. Fight the feeling to be alone inside all day. It'll make you feel worse.

Go outside

Even though it's cold outside, a quick 5 or 10 minute walk outside will help keep your blah mood away, especially if you go within a few hours of waking up.

If you have tried most or all of these tips and your bad mood and fatigue won't go away, visit a doctor, as this could be a sign of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)*

*See post from October on Seasonal Affective Disorder for more information

That's all for today!

Love, Hannah


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