I Am Not Sorry: A Rant

Hey, friends. It's been a while. This thing called college is kind of taking over my life. Anyway, I've got a lot to say today. So brace yourselves.

For a pretty long while now, tensions have been high in the USA. There have been protests and fights. Scary things in the news. Things I saw and immediately broke down into tears at the sight of. All of this is insane, stressful, and sometimes, terrifying. In the midst of all of this (the past few years, really), after years and years of piggybacking off of the opinions of other people, I have developed some opinions of my own. And guess what?

Some of them aren't popular. 
Some of them don't make sense to other people.
You will not agree with some of them.
And I'm not sorry for that.

I have my opinions. I have my views that are based on what I believe in and my past experiences. I have spent years watching and learning and observing. And now, at nineteen years old, I'm ready to fight for what I believe in.

And I'm not sorry for it.

Younger me would have been worried about what people think of my opinions (kind of ironic, right?). Younger me would have freaked out if someone disagreed with me or said something not nice about me. I was terrified of arguments. I didn't want to get caught up in all of that. I thought I was better off standing on the sideline.

Not anymore.

It is too late for me to be offended when someone doesn't agree with me. It is too late for me to get my feelings hurt when someone takes a stab at one of my opinions. It is way too late for all of that.


Because I am nineteen years old. Nineteen.
I am an adult.
I am in college.
I am a strong, confident, passionate woman who could not possibly care less what anyone thinks of who I am or what I believe in. I have worked for years to develop that. And not a single person on this earth is going to take that from me.

On another note, this is 2017, and some really, REALLY scary things are happening, or have happened. I cannot afford to sit back & watch, and neither can you. Educate yourself. Read the news. Do research. Donate to organizations doing some good in this incredibly messed up world. But don't, for the love of everything, do what I did, and sit back just because you think someone will disagree with you. Someone IS going to disagree with you. It's going to happen. Heck, it happened to me yesterday. I was uncomfortable, and nervous. But I grew and learned some new things in the process. 
Remember, friends, nothing grows in the comfort zone. Stand up for what you believe in. Fight. No matter who tells you you shouldn't.

Thank you.

Love, Hannah


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