Something I Need to Say. Like, Right Now.

Hello, friends. For those of you who have been following my blog since it came into existence, you know what it's all about. It's about positivity, self-care, and your overall mental health and well being. My posts are generally happy and sunshine-y, and I always tell you to have a lovely day.

This is not one of those posts.

This morning, I walked into my Women's Studies class, not expecting to walk out crying and shaking with rage. But I did. Why? Because we had a discussion about Terence Crutcher. Why? Because "we can't not talk about it", as my professor stated. After the class, I completely, 100% agree with her.

After hearing the details about not just this incident, but so many others that have gone unnoticed, I am in a position where I've decided that racial justice, and injustice, needs to be a part of this blog. And not just the blog, or any of my social media outlets, but my life outside of the Internet.

I have always been afraid of what would happen if I stepped out of my comfort zone, out of my usually "happy" self, the me everyone sees, and got really, truly angry about something. I've always been uncomfortable about the idea of that because it's not what people expect of me when they see me or hear my name. I didn't want how people thought of me to change. I wanted to stay who I was and just leave the anger alone and the issues to other people, even though there was something deep inside of me that knew how wrong it was to stand back instead of standing up.

But hear me.
Hear me right now.

That is no more.

I am 100% guilty of sitting on the sideline with issues like this and not saying anything because I'm afraid that I just shouldn't get involved. That is no more.

I am here. 
I am angry. 
Really, truly, unbelievably angry.
And I'm going to do something about it

I refuse to write about this topic and go on rants like this without backing up what I'm preaching by getting really, truly involved in this movement. I will not sit here and write about how devastated, crushed, and angry I am about the racial injustice in this world and not actually do something about it.

That being said, this is absolutely not about me. This is not about how I feel. This is not about me getting out of my comfort zone and posting about something I've never posted about before. I don't want that to be the focus of this post. At all. It is the thing in this post that matters the least.

This is about injustice. This is about the fatal consequences of that injustice. This is about the fact that we CANNOT sit here and watch all of this happen while we sit on the side because we're afraid that it "isn't our place" and that we should just stay out of it. Having a neutral position does nothing. I've learned that for the past 18 years. We have to stand up. We have to use the voice we have to say something, do something, make something happen. Nothing is accomplished by having a neutral position. Absolutely nothing.

I am guilty of sitting around, of having a neutral position, and of not actually doing anything about this cruel reality in our world. However, I'm going to work to improve that. I'm going to stretch myself and do things I've never done before. I will write more articles like this. I will get involved in my community. I will stand up and fight for my brothers and sisters. I will make mistakes. I will definitely mess up every once in a while. But I will not quit. I will fight for this cause as long as I live.

And I encourage you to do the same.



  1. I have never been more proud of you, Hannah. I am just as guilty about remaining neutral in my actions while stating that something needs to happen. It starts with us. It starts with you. It starts with a broken heart and some rage. You are a beautiful person in a beautiful place. Let us hear your voice, see your actions, and be moved.


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