Night Routine for Less Stress

Hey guys! Sorry for the long break between posts last week. I've been a busy bee. But I'm here today addressing a common problem we students have: stress. It's basically ingrained in us. We've been experiencing stress for as long as we've been in school, and finding a way around it can be very difficult. But there's an easy way to eliminate at least a small part of this stress, and that's by creating a morning and night routine. This way, your day has a little bit of structure and you're making time for taking care of yourself. Today, we're focusing on the night routine.

How to Create A Night Routine

1. Find out what you need most.

This routine's purpose is to eliminate YOUR stress and make YOUR life easier. So decide what specific things you need to include in your routine to make sure you feel good. Here's my list:

  • Wash my face and moisturize
  • Do some nighttime yoga
  • Read
  • Pick out my outfit for the next day
  • Put K Cup in the Keurig for tomorrow's coffee

By including these things in my night routine, I eliminate some of the stress I might feel in the morning. Your list can include all of these things, none of these things, or maybe a mixture of both. Figure out what you need.

2. Schedule

If I had one word to describe my life, it'd probably be schedule. If I didn't organize my day, my head would most likely fall off. Set a time limit at night in which you are going to do this night routine. Maybe it's right before you want to go to sleep, or after you do your homework. Maybe it's a few hours before to help yourself wind down. Maybe it's a hour before. No matter what your schedule is, make sure it works for you and gives you enough time to wind down fall asleep.

3. Stick to it!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and for me, it's definitely true. If you want this routine to be constant and become a second nature habit, you have to stick to it. If it's sporadic and inconsistent, you won't stick to it and it'll be even harder to create the habit in the future. Once 21 days have past, this routine will most likely become second nature to you and you won't even have to think twice. Just stick to it, and keep it constant.

4. Unless it's not working for you...

If three weeks have passed and you've discovered the routine is too long or too short, or the things you included no longer have importance, change it. Replace your previous list with things you need now. Maybe you've taken up meditation and want to include that in your routine. Maybe you've decided you don't have enough time for the routine anymore and need to shorten it. Whatever it is, again, make sure it works for you and that you're doing the routine every night.

That's all for today! 

Have a lovely day,



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