Small Steps to Change the World

Hello, friends. I've been thinking a lot about change lately, and how everyone thinks it's so hard to do. It's big, intimidating, and you're probably thinking, "I am one small person. What can I do to change the world?"

Well, I'm about to tell you some small ways that will make a big impact.

1. Compliment a stranger

You'd be surprised at what a small compliment can do for someone's day. They could be having the most difficult day, and they just happen to walk into the store or coffee shop you're in, not knowing they would receive a nice compliment. If you're standing next to someone you don't know or ordering food at a restaurant or something, find something to compliment about the person. It''ll give their day a boost, and it'll give yours one too.

2. Pick up trash if you see it

This one's for Mother Earth. If you're walking around your high school, college campus, or workplace, and you see some trash on the road or sidewalk, just pick it up and throw it away. This seems small, but can you imagine what would happen if 5 or 10 or 100 people started doing this? The earth would be prettier, and you might inspire other people to do it too.

3. Use your voice

If there's an issue you're passionate about and you want to spread it, DO that. Use your social media, use a blog, use YouTube, use anything. All those people out there with famous blogs and YouTube channels decided they had something they were passionate about and wanted a way to get it out there. Look where they are now. Today, post a tweet, Facebook post, or blog post about something that sets your soul on fire. Now do that every day or every other day. Now you have a platform for talking about things that matter to you.

4. Give your honest opinion

This one is super important to me. Telling the truth can do so much for your relationships and the people around you. Sugar coating what you want to say does nothing. Be honest about what you want. Stand up for yourself. It'll give you a serious confidence boost and inspire people around you to do the same.

5. Smile

Smile. To yourself. At your classmates. At strangers on the sidewalk. At your dog. At literally anyone.
Just smile.
You'll see why.

Love, Hannah


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